Anna B Savage – EP


Anna B Savage is a London-based singer-songwriter whose songs are filled with intimate confessions that are more likely to make the listener cringe than to sway. The painful honesty of Anna’s lyrics weigh heavily on the somber tones that she chooses to carry her words. Often, the songs’ melodies buckle under the shear heaviness of Anna’s intimate thoughts she conveys, forcing the listener to construct a mental bridge that ultimately links Anna’s lyrical content to the music. This is a good thing. It’s songs like Anna’s that make a music lover an active listener. She deliberately asks us to appreciate the nuisances of her rather husky voice and the space she gives each song to reside in.

In her debut EP simply titled EP, Anna has given us four solid songs that showcase her inherent talent to make us wince and sigh, groove and contemplate.

The opening track “I” takes us into a bedroom, placing us front and center into an intimate, anxiety-ridden position many of us can relate to: “He’s left the lights on / so I’ve kept my shirt on.” Later on in the composition Anna admits, “And they haven’t all been good / Like they said they would…/ But Jesus, he came off smarter than that / to grab an inch of stomach and say ‘fat’.” Before the song meanders towards a musical crescendo, Anna tells us that she’d “like to be strong”, reassuring the listener that her desires are more than just skin deep.

On the second track, “II”, Anna doesn’t allow us to emotionally rebound from the previous song. She begins by cathartically announcing: “I will never amount to anything / Skipping showers every other day.” A nervous guitar riff accompanied by a jittery drum beat quickly cuts up the silence of the song, throwing the listener into an unbalanced fit to hold on to Anna’s wrought words. The much appreciated reprieve doesn’t last too long, and we’re thrown back into the oppressive pit of despair Anna seems to be singing from. We’re right there next to her in some unlit hole, digging our way out to feel light on our faces.

Track three “III” recounts the uncomfortable tale of a suicidal friend who could only sleep with the image of a gun between her teeth. It’s a melodramatic, slow-burning number that captures the range of Anna’s welcoming voice, a voice that seems to be constructed of bits of PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithfull, and that one outstanding performer at your local coffee shop’s open-mic night.

The EP ends, of course, on a somber note, an emotional farewell to a fantastic debut. “IV” builds upon a sparse yet dramatic instrumental, punctuated by the passionate plea of “please forgive him.” A warm and much appreciated male voice eventually joins Anna to tell us that “ignorance is bliss.” The sentiment isn’t lost in the bromide. We hear you, Anna.

These are four amazing tunes that need to be appreciated. There’s a stark yet concise vulnerability about Anna that I love. I can’t wait to see what Anna does within the confines of a full album. I get the feeling that she’d answer a lot of questions this listener has. For example, I want to know why Anna feels the need to skip showers. How did she reach such an unhygienic point in her existence?


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