Merchandise – “Anxiety’s Door”

ImageFlorida’s pop-noise makers and SPIN darlings Merchandise have released a new single, “Anxiety’s Door,” from their upcoming five-song EP/LP Totale Night, due this spring. The track is a swirling, seven-minute blast from the past, heavily laced in a mid-80s gothy post-punk sound. Lead singer Carson Cox does his best The Queen is Dead era Morrissey impersonation over an Echo and the Bunnymen/Jesus and Mary Chain groove, punctuated by a drum machine working overtime. Cox even manages to successfully mimic the ambiguous, pseudo-romantic, somewhat melancholic lyrics that infected the English post-punk sound: “Some things are really never there / I walk the street at night, yeah / I drink the perfumed air.” Things must be real dark in Tampa?

If it was 1985, I’d be more excited about Merchandise’s forthcoming EP/LP. Let’s hope that the rest of Totale Night isn’t lost in the 80s, and let’s give this Tampa trio (and their drum machine) a chance to live up to their SPIN “Breaking Out” stars status.


January 11, 2013. Songs.

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