Holy Esque – Self-Titled EP

The first thing one notices about Holy Esque is the vocals of lead singer Pat Hynes. Strangely enough, Hynes vocals, at times, sounds a lot like an awkward mix of Conor Oberst, Kurt Cobain, Everything is Wrong-era Moby and Andy Gibb, pre stroke. There seems to be an unnatural throaty shake and/or quiver in Hynes’ voice that has the uncanny ability of simultaneously being attractive and repulsive. More about Hynes’ voice later.

Holy Esque is a four-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland and this four-track, sixteen minute EP is their debut release. Not much is known about Holy Esque. Without a website and outside of a social network page, the Glasgow foursome are a bit of a mystery.

The EP’s opening track “Ladybird Love” is a gigantic song full of sound, emotion and undecipherable Cobain-mimicked vocals delivered with a Billy goat quiver. It is a great introduction that showcases Holy Esque’s potential. I’m not quite sure what Hynes is singing about, but I kinda want to know. His vocals pull me into his lyrics.

“Rose” is a more accessible track that begins with a simple guitar riff and a somber but bouncy Interpol drumbeat. Once again, without a lyric sheet, I can’t decipher the lyrics, but the music takes the listener through emotional waves and crashes. I can imagine “Rose” being the band’s first single to be played on old-fashion radio.

The band calms things down on the slow and awkward “Loneliest Loneliness.” Hynes vocals are more pointed and restrained, but they zag while the music zigs. There seems to be a lot of word play going on in Hynes’ lyrics. It’s a song that still has issues that need to be sorted out.

“Prophet of Privilege” is the anti-climatic end of the EP. Once again, it’s not Holy Esque’s best, but the music is strong. I have a feeling that this song sounds better live than in the studio.

Holy Esque has my attention. Hopefully this EP will lead to a record contract for these Scotland noise merchants. With the right guidance, Holy Esque has the potential to be a strong musical force in the near future.


April 27, 2012. Albums.

One Comment

  1. pete replied:

    im not gonna say too much but prophet of privilege is amazing!! i didnt think much of it to start but its now my stand out track!! im not sure whats being sung either, but the bit where i think it says “now the gates on my heart now shut there saying your time is now” just blows me away! ive e mailed the band asking for te lyrics but i still aint had a reply!! I do agree with everything else youve said though.well said

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