The Raveonettes – Into the Night EP

Following up their two thousand eleven release, Raven in the Grave, the Danish indie rock duo is back with a brief four song EP. At this point, everyone has grown accustomed to The Raveonettes and their Jesus and Mary Chain-like songs that are filled with a forceful and edgy electric guitar coupled with attractive bursts of noise. With this EP The Raveonettes haven’t evolved, but they certainly haven’t disappointed.

In a recent press release, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo confesed that this newest release is “a delightfully damaged ode to the letdowns of lost love, with dreamy harmonies.” The harmonies are definitely “dreamy,” and there is plenty of talk of heartbreak on the EP’s sonically filled opening track, “Into the Night” and in the Stereolab-sounding “Too Close to Heartbreak.” The departing track, “Bad Ghosts,” is a start/stop fuzzy Spooky-era Lush sounding composition that has Foo sarcastically singing, “I’m always here right by your side.” Somehow I just don’t believe her.

Into the Night is a sample of a full-length album that will reportedly be released later this year. All four songs on the EP sound very familiar, but there is a comfort in that familiarity. That said, one would hope that The Raveonettes would push their sound a bit further on their promised upcoming full-length release. If you have an iTunes gift card left over from this past X-mas and you need some songs to give your somber spring a soundtrack, Into the Night is a safe purchase that won’t offend.


April 25, 2012. Albums.

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