Lissy Trullie – Lissy Trullie

Fans of Trullie have been waiting for this, her full-length debut since she teased us with the Velvet Underground-meandering single “Madeleine” in November of 2011. Trullie’s follow up to her 2009 EP “Self-Taught Learner” continues to harvest that well balanced pop sound, but many the of the songs are pushed further as she layers vocals, employs brass instruments, and uses Le Tigre-like handclaps to give each song a larger, more emphatic sound.  Some of these musical advancements/adjustments can be heard in the album’s hopeful opening track, “Rules We Obey.”

The album’s third track, “It’s Only You, Isn’t” is an upbeat Miley Cyrus (sorry, Lissy) track that relies heavily on a dub-step beat that is accentuated every few seconds by an early 80s guitar strike that Pat Benatar wouldn’t be embarrassed to dance to.

As the album carries on, Trullie’s songs get stuck in the Delorean somewhere in 1986 and the tracks become less inspired and original. “Caring,” “I Know Where You Sleep” and “Heart Sound” are perfect examples of this time travel trouble. The tracks aren’t bad, but we’ve heard them sung from less beautiful singers a thousand times over.

If I’m being honest, this release is two or three songs too long. This is not to say Trullie’s songs aren’t thoughtfully composed; they’re certainly not album filler by any means. Concurrently, it shows Trullie’s ability to write a few brief solid tracks that dares anyone not to hum along to. I’d like to see Trullie stick to releasing EPS with a few over thought yet thoughtful songs before she delves deeper into full length releases. And, come on Trullie, with your beautiful looks, Apple’s even more beautiful computer programs and an extra pot of coffee, you could have created a much more appealing album cover; it seems like a last minute thought rather than a well-planned composition. Stop imitating that I’m-at-a-funeral-somber-Posh Spice look and let your physical beauty shine.


April 12, 2012. Albums.

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