Gosteffects – Kick the Bass EP

Five songs of vocal and musical manipulation—Yawn. You’ve heard songs like these before; you’ve heard them on Kia commercials, video game promos, and in the background of a porno trailer.  Much like the comical cartoon skit of the half-wit painter painting himself in a corner, looking dumbfounded while searching for a dry way out, Gosteffects’ sped up tape, overzealous keyboard sampling, repetitious corny catch phrases, and misplaced dramatic pauses, are unintentionally comical and continue to prove that these tech house grooves have painted themselves in a corner and have far exceeded their expiration dates.

If you have a Facebook page you update regularly, a smart phone that never leaves your side, a Twitter account, wear baggy, overpriced jeans, drive a 2003 Honda Civic with a modified muffler, and you masturbate too often, Gosteffects is perfect for you and your asshole friends to play at a dickhead-high level while fingering your chunky Applebees’ and Chilis’ hostess girlfriends.

I have a feeling that this is the Year Of The Depend Adult Undergarment.


March 31, 2012. Albums.

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