MMoths – Self-Titled EP

MMoths is Jack Colleran, a native of Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland, and he has released a self-titled EP. Colleran is young; he is eighteen years old, and he has found some success at such a young age.

In a world inundated with electronica/chillwave artists, Colleran’s music is destined to get lost in the shuffle. Each of the EP’s five tracks are underwhelming and excessively annoying. Even further, each track is seemingly built around a one-dimensional beat that is repeated for a few minutes. Colleran’s music, at times, is equivalent to listening to a skipping compact disc.

The one highlight of the EP is the track “Heart Feat. Keep Shelly in Athens.” Someone buried deep beneath a skipping, church-like keyboard line is a beautiful female vocal that needs to be brought up in the mix. Sadly, the song is redundant, too brief, and the lyrics are undecipherable and distant.

In a genre that is over staying its welcome, Colleran’s music isn’t convincing. MMoths is a forgettable EP that is disappointingly dull. There are too many empty spaces between the beats that alienate the listener. Maybe as Colleran matures, his music will follow suit, and his one-dimensional chillwave droning will evolve into something more meaningful and memorable.


March 6, 2012. Albums.

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