Eux Autres – Sun is Sunk EP

Heather and Nicholas Larimer are a brother-sister duo that make up the heart of Eux Autres. The band’s new release, Sun is Sunk is a six song EP that continues where they left off with their 2010 album, Broken Bow. Eux Autres have mastered their signature sound of three minute, upbeat, 60s inspired garage guitar, mixed with tag-you’re-it male/female vocals played out over bam-pop-bam-bam-pop drums.

Sadly, there aren’t any Springsteen covers on this release, but there are some promising songs that are simultaneously charming and cool. The EP’s opening track, “Right Again,” combines a Sleater-Kinney simplicity with a Velocity Girl sincerity. Heather’s vocals are convincing when she confesses, “I’ll be waiting when they break your heart again.”

One of the strongest songs on the EP is “Broken Record,” a Box Topish singsong that is punctuated by a Beach Boys bass line. Heather and Nicholas’ give and take vocals on the track showcases the inherent liability of the group.

Sun is Sunk is a perfect soundtrack to celebrate the coming of spring. Where most indie-pop bands get lost in melancholia and the mundane, Eux Autres have created a surprisingly upbeat and thoughtful EP that is as rewarding as it is refreshing.


February 29, 2012. Albums.

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