Sentridoh – Child of the Apocalypse


Lou Barlow has given his true fans a beautiful gift. With the reissuing of Sentridoh’s Weed Forestin’, Barlow dug deeper into his vast accumulation of four-track tapes and released Child of the Apocalypse, an album full of unreleased material, original takes, and various noisy tape collages that were recorded during the Weed Forestin’ era. Devoted followers of Barlow’s various bands will be familiar with most of the songs on Child. It’s a great way to revisit some of your favorite Lou Barlow musical moments.

Some of the highlights include an early version of “Sacred Attention” that clearly shows Barlow had the essence and beauty of the song way before he recorded a studio version for Bubble and Scrape. There’s a cleaner, more convincing version of “I Believe in Fate” that ends with Barlow proclaiming, “I’m bald, brown, and stupid.” Lastly, there’s an alternate version of the fan favorite “Brand New Love” that is briefly interrupted by a fading police siren that, strangely enough, doesn’t quite seem out of place on the recording.

If you’ve been following Lou Barlow and his many bands, he has been busy pleasing his fans with some amazing releases. In the past few years Barlow has re-issued, with extra tracks, most of Sebadoh’s albums; there have been a few albums that he’s released/sold through his website; and there is a limited edition live cassette he released for Record Store Day in 2011. It seems to me that Lou appreciates his fans; he understands their collector scum approach to his music. Whatever band name he releases his music under, Barlow just continues to prove that he is one of the best songwriters in music today.

Child of the Apocalypse can be purchased at Give Lou the support and attention he deserves and buy a copy today.


February 18, 2012. Albums.

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